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"Kurdistan's number one English-Kurdish TV-Radio station!" | No Politics - Just good music!


"Kurdistan's number one English-Kurdish TV-Radio station!" | No Politics - Just good music!


"Kurdistan's best English-Kurdish advertisement and music productions


Rowan Karadaghi


Yohan Osman

Manager - Marketing Manager

Serko Sami

X-Productions Manager

Shalaw Karadaghi

Presenter & Marketing Manager


About XFM 105.7

At XFM, we are proud to introduce ourselves as the pioneering English-­‐Kurdish radio station in Kurdistan region of Iraq. In the many years that we have been running, we have been able achieve great success in reaching a large audience and implementing innovative and influential media styles that have greatly influenced the culture of media in Kurdistan already. Our unique trademark qualities are that we are a youth radio station, with no political affiliations, and are therefore under no external influences, as well as being completely self-funded, which is a fact that demonstrates our strength and determination in having made XFM what it is today, and how we to hope expand our successes in the future.
XFM started in 2009, in the province of Sulaimaniyah, with the aim of bringing international musical culture to the youth of Kurdistan, and has since expanded in its reach and aims. This initial small project soon became a media institute in its own right within Sulaimaniyah, attracting a large and devout fan‐base, and demonstrating that it was a media force to be reckoned with.
Similarly not only have our programs received jubilant reviews, but our self produced advertisements for our clients and sponsors, have proven to be unique, humorous and greatly effective in increasing exposure of products to our listeners, often becoming entrenched in popular culture, demonstrated in the several tens of thousands of hits our jingles and advertisements have received on certain social media sights.

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